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Creating bespoke artworks
to enhance any style of interior


Where it all began for Spires Art, the art of perfecting the perfect frame. With over 30 years experience, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, skill and pioneering vision for framed artwork.

We have a huge range of moulding colours, sizes and finishes available, with something to suit every job description. We work with each individual client to meet their needs, from identical framed prints for 200 hotel bedrooms, to a single piece for a reception area.

Whatever the job, and whatever the item, the dedicated team here at Spires Art will help you achieve a perfect framed result. We truly pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship, believing this is what sets us ahead of competition. Each job is done with the utmost care and with attention to each specific detail to produce a result best suited to the desired final product.


A contemporary stretched canvas is a wonderful alternative to traditional framed art. Each canvas is carefully hand crafted by our skilled team with exquisite attention to detail and the highest standard of quality.

The image is varnished to protect, preserve and enhance fine art and photographic prints produced on digital printers. Varnish inhibits harmful Ultraviolet light, which stops giclee canvas and fine art paper from yellowing. Varnish also protects against moisture and abrasion.

The print is then applied to a backing board for added strength then attached to the stretcher frame. The canvas is stretched around the edges of the stretcher bar, the print continues around the edges leaving a quality finish. Corners are neatly folded and secured.


Acrylic is a lighter option to glass and can be directly printed to the back using our special modern printers for a quality finish.

Acrylic panels are a great alternative to framed artwork and canvas as it provides a very contemporary look and can be used for all manner of things including art for the modern business or lesiure interior.

Panels can be installed in various ways, such as batons to the rear and chrome or anodised metal fixings which can be offset from the wall using spacers to highlight the artwork by creating shadows.

As there is no need for a frame profile, it is easy to complement any modern wall space and can make a good interior look great.


Spires Art provide what we call Multi Packs which is very popular with commercial projects and hotels as an example. We have the benefit of extensive art collections and a state of the art production facility, so can turn around projects quickly and at a highly competitive price, which suits many commercial clients.

You might be hotel that requires multiple framed prints or canvas artworks and perhaps mirrors to complement the project, or maybe a business that requires internal signage from wayfinding to corporate branding to really create a strong impression.

Enquire about our bespoke Multi Packs and rest assured we are confident that we will make a good interior look great!

Let the pictures do the talking

Spires Art, established in Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland in 1988 has grown to be a world recognised name in the Art and Design industry.
Having supplied artwork across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and from Canada to the USA.